Topics which are included, but are not limited to, are the following:

Smart Wireless Communications

Antenna, wireless propagation, and channel modeling

OFDM and multi-carrier techniques

Smart antenna and space-time signal processing

MIMO, multi-user MIMO, and massive MIMO

Modulation, coding, and diversity techniques

Dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio

Interference management and radio resource allocation

Equalization techniques

Synchronization, estimation, and detection techniques

Wireless multiple access (CDMA, OFDMA, NOMA, etc)

Cooperative and relay-aided communications

Heterogeneous ans small-cell networks

Full-duplex communications and networking

Artificial intelligence/machine learning for wireless systems

Energy-efficient and green communications

Ultra-wideband (UWB) communications

Wireless optical communications

Millimeter wave and Terahertz communications

UAV-based communications

Cross-layer design and optimization for wireless systems

Energy harvesting and wireless power transfer

Wireless physical layer security

M2M, D2D, and loT communications

Wireless communications systems and standard

Performance evaluation for wireless systems

Localization and navigation techniques

Multimedia communications over wireless

Network Technology

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV)

Knowledge-defined networking (KDN) and the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in future networks

Future data-center networks

Resource allocation and orchestration in future networks

Energy-efficient networking

5G/6G mobile networks

Cross-layer design, security, and optimization

Integration of fiber-optic and wireless networks

Congestion and admission control in future networks

QoS/QoE support in future networks

Future Internet-of-thing (loT) networks

Network fault management and service availability

Multicasting, broadcasting, anycasting, manycasting and incasting in future networks

Optimization models and algorithms for the control and management of future networks

System prototypes, real deployments and experimental demonstrations of future networks

Context and location aware applications

Vehicular communication networks

Security and privacy in future networks

Smart Services and Application

  • Emerging Wireless/Mobile Applications
  • Context and Location-Aware Wireless Services
  • Wireless Telemedicine and E-Health Services
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • RFID Technology and Application
  • Cognitive Radio and Sensor-Based Applications
  • Content Distribution in Wireless Home Environment
  • Wireless Emergency and Security Systems
  • Service Oriented Architectures, Service Portability
  • SIP Based Services, Multimedia and Middleware
  • Innovative User Interfaces for Multimedia Services
  • Regulations, Standards and Spectrum Management
  • Communications Software and Services
  • Mobile Computing Systems

Important Dates

Deadline : 2020.01.16
Notification of acceptance:
Conference date: 2019.12.20-21


1.Smart Wireless Communications

2.Network Technology

3.Smart Services and Application







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